The traditional European crafts made with ancient techniques, passed from father to son, with its deep roots and constant improving not only please the eye but carries with it a piece of the past and the aspirations of the future. We stand for the precision of the Swiss artists, the vision of the French vase makers, the strength of the Dutch wood-carvers, the passion of the Balkan pottery makers and the tradition of the Italian rock-carvers.

The French Galle vases, inspired by nature most beautiful creations and combined with a passion for detail and classic colors, are the main attraction of any house their are placed in.

The traditional Romanian pottery is one of the most beautiful in Europe. There are approximately 30 pottery centers throughout the country, each with its own distinctive style, but the main areas are in Horezu-Oltenia, Maramures, Marginea-Suceava and southern Transilvania. Shapes, sizes and patterns reflect the different clays and cultures of diverse areas where are produced. Color glazes and decorations vary from strong geometrics, to delicate floral, animals and humans.

An age-old craft developed on the hills of Greece, modeling the clay becomes a real art in the hands of these masters. Everything in this job is a family secret, from the choice of the clay to modeling, to painting, cooking and finally glazing. Often symbolic drawings appear on these works.