Paintings by Angela Santana that explore the ‘male fantasy’ and depiction of women in visual ar…

Art is a kind of expression from one person to the many. It is a method to connect ideas. Art can transcend the limits of language and also time. In my viewpoint, life without art would be boring and also uninteresting.

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Why Do We Color?

There's something rather captivating and classic about tinting in. It is simply a truly wonderful means to be imaginative.

Painting Landscapes With Acrylic Paints – 3 Techniques

Painting landscapes can be achieved with acrylic paints. Polymer paints offer application choices for water coloring, as is, and also oil painting. These three options offer the artist a range of aesthetic and also appearance strategies to duplicate a landscape scene onto canvas.

Why Art Collectors Are in Love With Floral Paintings These Days

Recreations of floral paintings are offering like warm cakes in on-line stores dedicated to modern-day art for sale, sculpture residence design and also more With flower art and flower paints ending up being sought after items for art enthusiasts worldwide, clever duplications and recreations of some of one of the most valued floral art types are making their presence felt in art shops online. Art enthusiasts have a fancy for flower art for two significant factors, their elegance as well as significance. Various flowers often tend to have various type of symbolic messages connected to them; consequently some blossoms tend to be extra preferred as well as wanted …

Focus on the Process, Not the Result

When lots of people consider art, they think about something fixed and also changeless, as though the procedure is worthless; it is merely a means to an end. Yet this is not real at all.

Madhubani: The Art Capital

Madhubani Painting is just one of popular people paintings of India & is still exercised by many ladies in the villages of Bihar. This unique design of paint is made use of by women to enhance their residence wall surfaces and doors to seek God's true blessing in the form of prosperity and peace.

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