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commission portrait from photo

Dolphin Gallery is a highly concentrated and specialized gallery located in 2006 which is understood by premium personalized art at economical price. We have rich experience in customized painting from image as well as have served over 10,000 satisfied consumers throughout the United States and Europe.

Learning Your Craft for a Career in Art

The professional world of Art demands a requirement of skill prior to you even get your means of access. Just how will you develop those abilities?

Starting Your Own Oil Paintings Collection

Oil paints are produced with help of oil soluble colors, which obtain dried out up on some assistance. Painters utilize these shades for producing amazing art pieces that we understand as oil paintings. Various such paints are displayed in popular halls throughout the world.

How To Buy Exquisite And Customary Indian Art Paintings

Indian art and paints have a deep rooted historic significance. Chroniclers disclose that these art forms had actually stemmed back in the pre-historic era.

Five Popular Scripts Used in Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy is the art of elegant and also stylized handwriting or text. It involves harmonic and also aesthetic formation of Arabic personalities with a pen or brush as well as ink. Between East, calligraphy is a very appreciated and established art form.

Committing Yourself to a Career in Art

One great day, you put down your brush for the extremely last time as a hobby painter. You stand, frozen momentarily of revelation, listening to these words in your mind: ‘I am a musician.' A lightning strike might not make the point with even more electrical assurance. So, what do you do following?

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