Artist makes popular Star Wars characters using Native symbolism

IN HOPES OF HELPING OTHERS UNDERSTAND NATIVE CULTURE BETTER. NEWS 13’S SOYOUNG KIM SHOWS US HIS TAKE ON STAR WARS. – 40 “First thing he said was Rogue One. Are you excited dad. Of course I’m excited. Gave me a high-five.” MICHAEL TOYA AND HIS SON ARE AVID STAR WARS FANS. MICHAEL TOYA AND HIS SON ARE AVID STAR WARS FANS. THEY PLAN TO WATCH THE NEW MOVIE OPENING WEEKEND. NATS. – 05 NATS “Han Solo might come back maybe, hopefully.” THEIR FANDOM INSPIRED MICHAEL’S LATEST SERIES OF star wars 5 piece. -54 “I have a storm trooper, I have a Boba Fett, I have Darth Vader. and I also have R2D2.” NATS – NATS popping pen cap HE DRAWS DESIGNS WITH BLACK INK ON ONE BOARD – NATS opening mat cutter THEN ONE EDGE AT A TIME – 42 “Intricate mat cutouts.” HE COMPLETES HIS CHARACTERS WITH THE SECOND PIECE. – 32 “Ties together and becomes as one in the piece.” MICHAEL IS A NATIVE ARTIST. FROM THE PUEBLO OF JEMEZ.

HE USES CURRENT POPULAR THEMES… – 27 “Incorporate pop culture and the colors and the meaning that no one’s ever heard of.” AND INTERPRETS THEM USING NATIVE SYMBOLISM. – 58 “I want the spirit of my people to touch that piece.” AT QUICK GLANCE. THIS MAY LOOK LIKE ANY OTHER STORM TROOPER OR DARTH VADER BUT IF YOU LOOK CAREFULLY.. YOU’LL FIND BEAR CLAWS – 05 “Represent strength, wisdom, and courage.” EAGLE FEATHERS – 22 “That majestic spirit of the eagle, and the strength and the spirit of the eagle.” AND FORCES OF NATURE. – 15 “The rain comes and brings a blessing on the land.” HE HOPES PEOPLE WILL LOOK BETWEEN THE LINES… AND SEE BEYOND THE POPULAR CHARACTERS. – 03″For people to know about what our culture represents.” SOYOUNG KIM, KRQE, NEWS 13. MICHAEL SAYS EACH STAR WARS PIECE TAKES ABOUT 12 TO 14 HOURS TO COMPLETE. ACCORDING TO DISNEY … THE LATEST MOVIE IN THE STAR WARS SERIES IS PROJECTED TO BRING IN 140-MILLION DOLLARS OPENING WEEKEND. .